Sunday, 5 February 2012

Inspiration and motivation

Well..... you ask for some inspiration on Twitter and this is what you get:

 "please knit me some welly boot cuffs!"

And, as it was my sister that was asking I thought I had better see what I could do - this is what I came up with:

I really enjoyed making these so there will probably be more incarnations of them.   What other animals can be created using cabling?  - off to find out......

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Valentines' Knitted Hearts Pattern

In time for Valentines Day I thought it would be nice to share my pattern for knitted hearts.   

The hearts can be made any size you like by changing the thickness of yarn and the needle size used.   For best results use needles that are a size or two smaller than the ball band of the yarn recommends.  The hearts are knitted in the round from bottom to top using a set of five double-pointed needles.

1.    CO 4
2.    Kfb in each (8).  Distribute evenly onto 4 dpns.
3-4. K
5.    (Kfb. K2) x 2 (12)
6-8. K
9.    (Kfb, K4) x2 (16)
10-12.  K
13.  (kfb, K6) x2 (20)
14-16.  K
17.  (Kfb, K8) x2 (24)
18-20  K
21.  (Kfb. K10) x2 (28)
22-23  K

To make the bumps at the top of the heart (work with front and back needles on left side only):
24.  n1 – K2tog, K5;  n4 – K5, K2tog (12)
25.  K
26.  (K2tog, K2, K2tog) x2 (8)
Break yarn and thread through remaining stitches, pull tight and secure.
Rejoin yarn and repeat rounds 24-26 with remaining stitches.

Happy knitting! and please post pictures of your finished hearts.  :)

Cute n Quirky January Swap

Last month I took part in the Cute n Quirky swap again.   This is a group on the Ravelry website that swap items between members under a particular theme.   Last month's theme was Space and this is what I received from inittoknitit94:

As you can see the main theme of the parcel was stars; including stickers, sweets and ribbon.   And she had made a sun catcher, a crocheted alien and crocheted planet.   They are so cute and I love all the things sent.

And this is the parcel that I put together for Odds0cks:

I made a mini planet and alien from "teeny tiny mochimochi" by Anna Hrachovec and the star is my own pattern.   I have been trying to knit a star for ages but with no luck until this little one materialised.   I think I'll be making more of these in the future!