Monday, 3 February 2014


Day Two's mini-mal hasn't turned out quite as well as I was hoping it would.  :(  But, I am trying to stay positive and, this is a learning experience after all, so nothing is a mistake, it's just work-in-progress!   I mentioned the inspiration for this mini-mal in yesterday's post - Kirsty Neale.   I have admired Kirsty's work since I discovered her through the Mollie Makes magazines and books.   And, last year, I entered a competition and was very lucky to win a copy of her book Hoop-La! and the original hoop that Kirsty embroidered for the front cover which is now hanging on the wall of our spare room/ office/ studio.

I love Kirsty's characters especially the faces and hairstyles that she gives them.

I wanted to try and take inspiration from the kinds of fabrics that she uses to create a little girl character of my own but somewhere in the translation from my original drawing to the actual sewn item something went a little awry and she is not a cute as I was wanting her be.

Anyway, on to the next mini-mal.... see you tomorrow! x

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