Monday, 25 June 2012

A quick make this morning

Yesterday, whilst browsing the internet, I stumbled across a really good idea:

A pin cushion for your sewing machine!

Never again will you have to reach across the room for your pin box whilst sewing as it attaches to your machine so that you always have somewhere close at hand to collect pins as you pull them out of your work.   This may be a very practical item but why does it have to be a dull and boring shape?   I was looking at my most colourful fabrics but just couldn't bring myself to make just an oblong to stick on my sewing machine - so here is my take on the pin cushion:

This is far more fun to look at and really brightens up my machine but will I actually be able to stick pins in it?!?!?!?!


  1. What a cute owl. I love your blog, there are so much cute animals.
    Corina from germany

    1. Thank you Corina! I'm really pleased you like it (it's really nice to know that someone reads my blog!!!) :)